Therapeutic process

When you decide to avail of my services as the first step you fill up a form with some basic details. I then offer you a 30-minute free consultation as a way for us to interact and to ensure that you feel comfortable.

You can book this first consultation directly through my website by Click here or send me an email.

Following this session, you may decide to book further sessions. You may choose to schedule as many sessions as you like. I offer sixty-minute slots from Fridays to Mondays. Confidentiality and consent will serve as the cornerstone of each session. We may explore, together, the different modes of delivery for the online therapy or counselling services.

Once you decide to enter therapy or counselling, I will provide you with an information pack (providing more details about the service) You will also need to sign an agreement and another detailed form.

The therapeutic process begins with me being able to understand the issues and problems that you are facing and setting the goals for therapy. I may have to ask a lot of questions in the beginning to understand the issues in depth and it is important for you to be honest. Once we explore the issues together we will explore techniques and strategies to deal with the issues. Periodically we will assess progress and mutually discuss and decide if there is a need to change the course of treatment strategies.

Sometimes if symptoms require medications, I may request you to consult your GP or a psychiatrist for medications but will work closely with your doctor while therapy will continue.

You can end therapy whenever you want to but in the normal course, therapy is mutually ended when you feel your goals of therapy have been achieved.

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