Gracy Andrew

I am a qualified Psychologist with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Online Counselling and Therapy. I also serve at the Academy for Online Therapy, UK as a tutor. 

My approach is client-centred and draws from my training in Interpersonal therapy. I also integrate other counselling approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behaviour Activation, Problem solving and Mindfulness when called for. 

I believe that each of us has the strength to overcome obstacles, but sometimes find it difficult to tap into these inner resources. We may be overwhelmed by events in our lives that cause distress and anxiety, or precipitate deep emotional pain. At such a juncture, being able to engage with these emotions and issues with an experienced therapist or counsellor in a confidential setting may help one overcome these hindrances, find solutions, and heal.

Having worked with several clients from a variety of backgrounds, experiencing emotional distress due to a variety of reasons such as depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, low self-esteem, and various other self-destructive patterns, I provide you with a confidential and safe space where together we can explore how your issues can be resolved and how you can improve your life.

In availing of these services through my online clinic, you can reach out from wherever you are. I work in English and Konkani offering therapy through a range of platforms such as Zoom, chat and email, making it flexible and accessible.

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