Anger issues

Anger issues

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion. We all experience anger and it is a natural response to threat. However, anger becomes an issue when a person cannot control it leading to actions that can later cause regret.

How does anger manifest?

Anger can range from mild irritation to intense fury. Intense anger results in an increase in heartrate, blood pressure and certain hormones. When we are angry, we tend to express ourselves aggressively which can be verbal or physical. The intensity by which we feel, and express anger can vary among people.

When do anger issues become a problem?

Some people find it difficult to control their anger and tend to get aggressive at the slightest reason. When a person experiences intense anger very often it can impact them physically, affecting their heart, brain and muscles.

Anger can also be one of the symptoms of certain mental disorders such as Depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Attention deficit hyperactive disorder or bipolar disorder.

What can help with Anger?

One can use several strategies to deal with Anger. The first step is acknowledging that one has a problem with Anger. The next step is finding what triggers one’s anger and taking steps to not let those triggers get you to a stage when you cannot control your anger. Taking the help of a peer or family member to recognize and remind you can be helpful. However, if one is not able to make progress counselling or therapy may help in finding helpful strategies to deal with Anger issues.

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